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Planting the future

It is our shared obligation to protect the environment, and we must do so with others. By regularly organising plantation drives in several Ludhiana housing societies, parks, and other locations, Jindal Textile expresses its appreciation for the environment. With their widespread effects and contribution to the improvement of the environment, these plantation campaigns help us make the most use of our resources. Our plantation drives enable us to be more environmentally conscious and to support a greater good.

Building India

Education is essential to the success of our nation. To improve primary schools' conditions, Jindal Textile collaborates with numerous public and private institutions. From constructing restrooms to remodelling buildings to giving out books, tables, and chairs, midday meals, and school uniforms, we cater to the needs of all of these schools and kids. Schools with higher-quality amenities attract more students. Through our welfare services, we guarantee that schools stay in good shape and that children receive everything they are entitled to. We understand that these children will be the architects of tomorrow. Thus, at Jindal Textile, we are committed to giving them a lovely and prosperous today.


Books for the

The secret to a nation's success is education. Thus, making education accessible to everyone is crucial. Yet plenty of our schools don't lack books and other resources necessary to educate the children.

Jindal Textile partners with these schools to provide them with the required textbooks. In some schools, we have also built a number of small libraries to store not only textbooks but also vocational and recreational books for leisure. In this way, young students will be able to form good reading habits while simultaneously preparing themselves for adult life. We think that when a school has enough books, every student can perform to their full potential.


Nurturing tomorrow

A sizeable portion of our population is impoverished. For them, eating is nothing short of a luxury. Regular food donation drives are organised by Jindal Textile to help those in need. The drives, which are held in slum regions or impoverished communities, help people and groups who struggle to even have a decent meal each day, especially those who have kids in their households. Toddlers and kids under five are given special food packages that include milk, protein-rich pulses, and foods with high mineral and vitamin contents. In our opinion, everyone has the right to a healthier lifestyle. Through these food donation campaigns, we guarantee that struggling individuals and societies have access to food.