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India's largest exporter of blanket

Jindal Textile stands as one of India's largest and most reputable exporters, specialising in the production and distribution of high-quality textiles. Renowned for our excellence, we are recognised as a premier blanket manufacturer in India. With a legacy of superior craftsmanship and a commitment to delivering top-notch products, our blankets have gained trust both nationally and internationally. Our extensive range caters to various preferences and needs, solidifying our position as a reliable source for premium textiles. At Jindal Textile, we continue to lead the way in offering exceptional products, setting benchmarks for wholesale textile supplies, and establishing ourselves as a premier blanket manufacturer in India.

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Your Trusted Blanket Manufacturer in India

At Jindal Textile, we take pride in being a prominent blanket manufacturer in India, catering to a wide range of clients as reputable blanket exporters in India. With a legacy of excellence spanning years, we have established ourselves as one of the leading wholesale blanket suppliers in the country. Driven by our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation, we design blankets that epitomise comfort, durability, and style. Operating as a devoted blanket manufacturer in Panipat, we place paramount importance on customer satisfaction, consistently delivering products that surpass the highest standards. Our extensive range showcases our dedication to providing a diverse selection of blankets to suit various needs and preferences. With a focus on reliability, quality, and customer-centricity, Jindal Textile continues to be the go-to choice for wholesale blanket suppliers, reaffirming our position as a distinguished blanket manufacturer in India.


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We at Jindal Textile cordially encourage you to explore our exquisite collection of blankets, which were skillfully made possible by our experience as a preeminent blanket manufacturer in Panipat. Our dedication to being trustworthy wholesale blanket suppliers centres on delivering comfort, quality, and style. Our blankets are a mixture of innovative designs and excellent workmanship, and they reflect our dedication to satisfying the various needs of our consumers. With a reputation for excellence, Jindal Textile is an acknowledged name in the market, providing blankets that redefine warmth and style. The variety we offer meets every requirement, whether you're searching for blankets to use for work or personal use. Learn about the remarkable manufacturing and visual appeal of our blankets, and shop with assurance from blanket manufacturers in India who truly understand your needs.

Choosing Jindal Blankets: Why?

With our reputation as blanket exporters in India and a renowned blanket manufacturer in Panipat, Jindal Textile stands out as India's largest blanket exporter. Our constant dedication to delivering outstanding quality, creative designs, and maximum comfort distinguishes us. Our blankets, which have a long history of excellence, are a testament to our know-how and continuous search for perfection. The satisfaction of our clients is our primary priority, and we offer a broad range of blankets to suit different tastes and requirements. By choosing Jindal Blankets, you are choosing an established manufacturer that provides blankets that redefine both function and comfort while merging innovation and cultural heritage. Discover the distinct characteristics of our products, which demonstrate our position as general exporters in India. and a leading blanket manufacturer in Panipat.

Process for Manufacturing Adopted by Jindal: Enhancing Blanket


A detailed production technique that perfectly blends heritage and innovation serves as a component of our journey towards crafting outstanding blankets. We take great pride in each step we take as a recognised blanket manufacturer in India and as a leading blanket exporter in India:

1. Handpicking Premium Materials:
Beginning with this, we choose the finest materials to build the core of our blankets.

2. Design and development:
By combining traditional elegance with modern style, our skilled designers produce distinctive and visually appealing designs.

3. Weaving and Production:
Using innovative weaving methods and our years of expertise, we manufacture blankets with remarkable creativity.

4. Quality Control:
Strict assurances of quality are performed at all stages to ensure that our products fulfil and surpass the needs of the industry.

5. Finishing Details:
To produce blankets that truly express luxury, our finishing procedure involves extreme care and consistency.

6. Delivery and Packaging:
The blankets are skillfully packaged and shipped to our esteemed clients, including wholesale blanket suppliers, after thorough quality inspections.
The ultimate objective of Jindal Textile manufacturing process is to create a world-class heritage that is consistent with our position as one of the leading blanket exporters in India and a recognised blanket manufacturer. Each stage of our process is evidence of our dedication to redefining what warmth, comfort, and elegance are.

Create the Blanket of Your Dream with Jindal Textile: Experience

At Jindal Textile, we offer you everything you need to design the perfect blanket for your needs. As a reputable blanket manufacturer in Panipat and a trustworthy wholesale blanket suppliers, we are aware of the differences in comfort. Starting with a joint approach, we combine your vision with our understanding throughout the process. Share your original ideas or pick from our high-end choices for materials and designs. Our skilled craftspeople carefully convert your vision into reality, ensuring that each detail perfectly matches your needs. We make sure that your customised blanket reflects the same perfection that describes our brand as a dedicated blanket exporter in India. With Jindal Textile, your number-one choice for personalised comfort and quality, you can design a blanket that conveys your warmth, taste, and uniqueness.

Blanket Care Tips: Preserving Quality and Comfort with Jindal Textile

At Jindal Textile, we believe that proper care is essential to ensuring the longevity and comfort of your blankets. Whether you've sourced them from us as a trusted blanket manufacturer in India, wholesale blanket suppliers, or blanket suppliers in India, these care tips will help maintain their pristine condition:

Follow Care Instructions:
Adhere to the care instructions provided by Jindal Textile to ensure the best washing and drying practices.
Gentle Cleaning:
Use a mild detergent and opt for a gentle cycle when machine washing your blankets.
Moderate Washing:
Avoid excessive washing unless necessary to prevent wear and tear.
Drying Guidelines:
If machine drying is advised, employ low heat settings to evade shrinkage and uphold fabric integrity.

Proper Storage:
Ensure the safety of your blankets by storing them in a cool, dry area, protected from direct sunlight to prevent potential harm.

Protection Measures:
Cover your blanket with a sheet or protector to shield it from direct contact with body oils.

Handle with Care:
Prevent snags and fraying by handling your blanket gently and keeping it away from sharp objects.

Occasional Professional Cleaning:
For special blankets, consider professional dry cleaning to maintain their uniqueness.

By adhering to these blanket care tips, you'll enjoy the continued warmth, comfort, and quality of your Jindal Textile blankets for years to come.
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Blanket Factory in Panipat: A Tapestry of Tradition and Craftsmanship

Situated in the heart of Panipat, the Blanket Factory is a living testament to the city's storied textile legacy. Here, talented craftspeople create blankets that are more than just fabrics; they are a legacy of warmth, with stories of tradition woven into every stitch. The factory features traditional looms and cutting-edge gear, blending timeless creativity with modern efficiency. Every blanket captures the vibrant cultural identity of Panipat, elevating it beyond a mere product to embody the essence of the city. The Blanket Factory in Panipat invites you to experience the harmony of creativity and tradition as they create blankets that comfort families beyond regional borders.

Panipat Blanket Factory: Weaving Comfort Beyond Borders

The Blanket Factory in Panipat is a social icon that's not merely a place of production. The blankets made here are representatives of comfort that cross national boundaries. Whether decorated with traditional or modern patterns, every piece shows the rich diversity of Panipat's identity. Tradition and modernity meet at the Panipat Blanket Factory, encouraging an exploration of production that travels far and wide to deliver Panipat's comfort to households worldwide.