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All About Recycled Wool and its Benefits

A natural fibre and textile, wool is derived from sheep’s fleece. It produces many goods, such as blankets, carpets, cushion covers, jumpers, and socks. Wool has numerous advantages, including warmth, softness, water resistance, and fire resistance (firefighter uniforms are composed entirely of merino wool). However, wool is not a permanent material. Fortunately, this fibre is

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Choosing the Coziest Blanket: Fleece vs. Mink

The choices seem endless in the world of blankets, but two materials stand out – Fleece and mink. As we navigate the cosy world of textiles, it becomes essential to understand the nuances between them. Join us as we explore the distinctive features, styles, and considerations that differentiate Fleece from mink blankets.  This journey is

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